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Online Casinos Disadvantages

Disadvantages of Online Casinos in comparison with Regular Casinos

In a previous article we had mentioned the Online Casinos advantages compared to the conventional Casinos. Now we decided to do the opposite: to record the disadvantages of Online Casinos compared to the Regular ones.

Though the games have bright lights and sounds, like the Table Games and Fruit Machines in an Online Casino, these games can hardly compete with the exciting feeling that occurs to a player in a real Casino. The main advantage of Online Casinos is that we can play wherever we are. However, there are many players who can not resist the mysterious, luxurious atmosphere which exudes in a real Casino. In a traditional Casino our own adrenaline mixed with that of the other people around us, creates an explosive cocktail of challenge and triumph but also offers of commiseration for unlucky game play. Usually alone or with small companies, the games of Online Casinos remain primarily a solitary occupation.

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The reasons that lead a player to Online Casinos are many, including and perhaps above all, the desire to gamble and challenge their fate. Many players seek some moments or hours of relaxation and fun from everyday life at work and home. However, someone who really has fun high on his wish list clearly will choose to visit a Regular Casino, as long as there is one near him. Casinos around the world have made fun into art and it is now considered to be an experience of enjoyment and fun: free food and drinks which are served by polite waiters, shows and entertainment, with famous guest stars from home and abroad. All these promise players that their evening out at the Casino will be the best choice.

Another disadvantage of Online Casinos, that has to do exclusively with their games and money, is the immediate payout of winnings. If we win in a Regular Casino the only thing we have to do as a happy player is to cash in our chips at the Cashier Desk and leave directly as a Winner and Champion. Something that we can not enjoy as a Winner in Online Casino games. Of course, we can delight for a while in the flashing lights on the screen of our computers or our mobile phones, which tells us the amount of money we have won but we will have to wait a few hours or perhaps a few days until we get the cash, this is due to bureaucratic procedures, which are essential in banking transactions.

The final but not least important disadvantage of Online Casinos is the fact that in order to participate in one of the draws of the expensive gifts, which Online Casinos offer, to simply login is not enough, we have to play, something that is not necessary in Regular Casinos, where it is enough just to have the stub of the entry ticket to participate in sweepstakes, expensive gifts such as jewelry, cars and cash.

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