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Advantages of Online Casinos in comparison with Regular Casinos

The huge turnover of Online Casinos, from the first day they were created in 1995, is the most irrefutable witness of their strength, those characteristics that make them stand out in comparison with the conventional Casinos. In any case, we do not want to repeat all those clichés that Online Casinos use in their advertisements on the Internet, trying to prove how much better they are than the conventional Casinos, but the truth is that they have indeed some advantages over the conventional ones, which in some cases make them irresistible.

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A major advantage is that we can play from wherever we are: at home, on the Beach, at the Office, at the Cafe. All we need is an Internet connection, either we play from our pc or a laptop or a mobile phone. No one in the Online Casino is going to be interested in how we are dressed, so the term casual dress code that the conventional Casinos like to use does not matter.

Another major advantage of Online Casinos is the fact that we can start placing bets from as low as we want, while we are playing in our own style, instead of the Dealer’s or of our Playmates whose behaviour sometimes could be whimsical and that could makes us give up. Anytime we need we can consult books on strategy, statistical tables, articles on the Internet, call a friend or count the cards (card counting), as nobody is going to reprimand us.

Another great advantage, at least for us, although we are sure that you probably have the same thoughts, is the fact that our favourite game in an Online Casino always has a free space for us, as we know what a frustrating feeling it is to have somebody else sat the whole night in front of our "lucky" slot machine. In the Online Casinos, while the competition is healthy, there are some great deals which you will never encounter in any conventional Casino. Unless one of you know of a Casino where you can deposit 100€ and receive chips worth 500€ instead into your account.

However, if you know any Casino like that we would really want to know about it. And because Finances is of great importance especially nowadays, gaming in an Online Casino on the Internet, with the exception of our bets, is free. We don't need to pay for taxis, petrol, tolls, entrance, food and drinks, unless we feel hungry and want to visit our fridge, or sat comfortably in our own living room with our favourite drink or in our kitchen with a cup of coffee made just the way we like it.

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