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NETELLER is an International Company who offer fund transfer services around the World via the Internet. Founded in 1999 it is one of the largest and safest Companies in the field of wire transfer and money transactions. The personal account we open in NETELLER is free and works like an Online Wallet where we can put our money in and take money out quickly and safely in various ways. We can use NETELLER as our main way to make deposits and withdraws in our favorite online casinos.

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In order to make cash transactions via the Internet, quickly, safely and at our convenience we must first make an Account with NETELLER. Even if we want to make our payments by credit card, it is preferable to give our information to NETELLER only, and then through NETELLER to make our payments rather than giving our data to many different Companies with probably questionable security levels. Only one NETELLER Account is needed especially for people who like to play in Online Casinos, Online Poker rooms or to gamble generally on the Internet, this way we do not have to give all the Online Casinos or any other Betting Company our personal credit card details, but only the NETELLER Account Number.

In our NETELLER Wallet we can put money via Credit Card or via Electronic fund transfer from our personal accounts. To transfer from our Credit Cards NETELLER charge us a fee but do not worry, because all the Online Casinos give much bigger bonuses (from 10%-100%) when we use our NETELLER Wallet to deposit, so in any case we are winners. Such Electronic Wallets may be temporary, within the great Internet Advertising Campaign for the acquirement of players of Online Casinos. NETELLER is unsurpassed in the ability to transact money.

Open a NETELLER account now!

First of all we can transfer money to any bank account but first we must register our IBAN with NETELLER. From our NETELLER Account it only takes from 2 up to 6 business days and for a small fee. Banks for this kind of transaction also take a small fee, besides the sending of foreign cheques where they charge a lot more commission and the transaction may take up to a month. NETELLER recently activated two Prepaid MasterCards. One is physical and comes to our address with a simple application and allows us to make purchases by charging through our NETELLER Account anywhere that accepts MasterCard. It allows us to make Cash Withdrawals of up to 750 Euros from any ATM anywhere in the World which costs 4 Euros per Transaction. The Electronic Mastercard managed online allows us to make purchases through the Internet by charging our Personal Account via NETELLER.

NETELLER Company Support is excellent in all ways. While the Telephone Support number is free and available in many languages other than English, with quick responses and also via Email to solve any problems immediately. In general we have tried most Electronic Wallets and we think NETELLER has more advantages and is necessary for our transactions on the Internet. To create an Account with NETELLER is easy, fast, secure and free.

Open a NETELLER account now!