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Online Casinos Cash Back Bonus

The reimbursement of a percentage of lost money in Online Casinos

The Online Casinos Cash Back Bonus is one of the major bonuses in the Casino Industry. Regular Casinos have used this bonus to attract customers for decades. The refund is usually combined in Regular Casinos with a certain amount of deposit and travel packages that include airfare and accommodation. In the Online Casino one that does not involve the physical presence of the Player, the Cash Back Bonus is limited to return a percentage of the loss during a specific period of time (day, month, year).
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Cash Back is a very important Bonus of Online Casinos, but Players do not give it much importance. Maybe for psychological reasons as they do not want to think that they will lose and so do not give it the attention it requires, it is a shame because when we are missing our refund bonus that can range from 10%-25% we can find solace in the refund and it gives us the opportunity to continue our game.